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Learn to be A Sales SuperHero

Learn how to generate leads and turn them into paying clients, so you can build a life and business you absolutely love!

Make More Sales!

Learn powerful sales strategies that will allow you to sell naturally with confidence

Helping Coaches & service providers
close more sales

Make More Sales 

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- Free Workbook -


Download 5 Super Simple Ways To Make More Sales! Learn how to sell without a hint of desperation or sleaze. 

Let's Chat!

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Ready to take that next step in your business and make more sales?


Book your free discovery call and let's find out which of my coaching programmes will be right for you!

Sales SuperHero

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Ready to make a bigger impact with your clients and more money so you can create the life you always dreamed about?

Find out how to be a Sales SuperHero! 

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Hey, I'm Helen

My mission in life is to help Solopreneurs like you make more sales, so that you can create the exact life and business you truly want.


I know first hand how hard it is to attract clients when you don't have a trusted sales process to follow and you're worried about coming accross all sleazy and desperate. 

Selling is easy and fun. Once you have the right skills and strategies you'll be able to convert your ideal clients into high paying clients, who rave about your services. 

Yes, I did say fun! 

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Helen is a fantastic coach, straightforward and honest, She empowered me to dig really deep and discover how I was holding myself back.

My business is going from strenght to strenght! 

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I was terrified of increasing my prices and I massively undercharged.


Helen has the answers to help and since working with her I've implemented a massive price increase and have a booked out diary of happy clients!

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I can hand on heart say the programme has already proved life changing.


It's transformed my business, I'm winning clients left right and centre.

Client Love!

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