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Hiding Away?

Deep Down, You Know How To Grow Your Business.

But something's getting in your way!

Over the years, you've done all the courses so you know EXACTLY how to grow your business, generate more clients and hurtle through to that next level of success... you need to be more visible.

But it feels safer to hide away, rather than do that podcast interview, throw your hat in the ring for a guest expert slot or speak to a room full of ideal clients. Your self-doubt stops you like a brick wall!

That's Impostor Syndrome! 


Constant self-doubt and feeling like you just ain't good enough, never being able to own your success!

And it's massively frustrating!

It's time to toot your own horn, because if you don't, nobody else will! 

Helen Walker, is the go-to mindset and confidence coach for women in business, helping release the fear of being visible so they can learn to love selling, charge premium prices and live an extraordinary life. 

Helen Walker Coaching


The leaders in your field seem to be everywhere all the time. On every social media platform, Instagram Reels, Videos, Stories, Facebook Lives, YouTube, LinkedIn, you name it, there they are.  

Appearing as a guest speaker at high profile, leading industry events, popping up as a guest expert in a high profile membership. Securing articles in Forbes, glossy magazines and securing book deals.

Having sell out launches, their programmes booked up for months with clients desperate to work with them. 

They're charging their worth, making a massive impact and huge profits. 

Inside, you're pleased for them, yet you wonder why that extraordinary success isn't happening for you. 

But really, you know why...


Deep down you don't feel good enough

Why would anyone buy from you and your little business? You're no expert, or so you keep telling yourself. Who are you to charge premium prices? That nagging little negative Nancy in your head stops you from playing big, tooting your own horn and shouting about your business.


Impostor Syndrome 

You Feel Like a Fraud & You Always Doubt Yourself!

Impostor Syndrome is that horrible, gut churning feeling that makes you question how smart you are!


You have a knack of convincing yourself that your success isn't well deserved, I mean anyone could do what you do, right?


That awesome client testimonial you just received, oh that's because your clients are just really nice people. Clients keep returning to work with you, that's just down to luck. 


You have a really hard time owning your success, perhaps you were in the right place at the right time, maybe they made a mistake hiring you or was it down to knowing the right people? 


One thing's for sure, you certainly don't feel your success has anything to do with how brilliant you are! 


Success in your world brings with it relief rather than basking in joy. 


So you...

  • Hide away instead of being visible, too afraid that clients may realise that you're not as good as they think you are

  • Undercharge and overdeliver, if you can keep them happy with extras they can't complain right?

  • Afraid to sell because you feel push and desperate. 

It's time to reprogramme your mind

And Kiss Impostor Syndrome Goodbye!

It's the beliefs already in your head that sabotage your success. Your own negative thoughts are the reason you aren't showing up and being visible.

You're not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, attractive enough... so you hide, show up now and again. 

Your impostor syndrome and that overwhelming self-doubt cause you to feel stuck, unable to move to that next level in your business and financial success. 

A series of simple, scientifically proven strategies are all you need to remove your stubborn mindset Gremlins that cause you to hide. 

It's time to stop hiding and start tooting your horn, because nobody else is going to do it and that's the only thing stopping you from that next level of success! 


To kiss goodbye to impostor syndrome and become a visibility queen?