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Sales SuperHero!

Sales doesn't have to be sleezy or feel desperate. Sales, done the right way is actually really fun! Yes I did just use sales and fun in the same sentence. 

Selling gets a bad rap! That's because most people have no idea how to sell. It's not about forcing people to buy your stuff - that's how you make selling sleazy! 

Selling is actually really easy, but like everything, we like to overcomplicate things.


The Sales SuperHero programme, will teach you how to sell with total ease, so you'll never feel scared or worried again! 

Now doesn't that sound Fan Dabby Dozy! 

Sales SuperHero is designed for...

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Solopreneur's dreaming big!


Right now you're struggling to make more sales!  

You're hustling hard, working all the hours, yet your level of sales don't reflect the effort you put in. 

You've no idea how to generate leads and make sales, you just need someone to show you! 

You have no idea what to say or how to structure a discovery call, you hate handling objections. 

You always feel like you're having to convince people to sign up and work with you, sales doesn't feel easy! 

Women who want to create an amazing lifestyle for themselves and their family, you understand that means making a lot more money! 

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Dr Kate Couchman

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After 12 weeks you will...

Love Selling!

Show up to your discovery calls with confidence and convert prospects into paying clients.  

Ideal Client

Once you know exactly who your products and services are designed for, selling is simple! Attract your ideal client effortlessly. 

Quit Undercharging

Confidently set your pricing so that you don't feel resentful or burnt out making the money you want.

Consistent Income

Consistently make the income you want each month, without the fear and anxiety! Know how to close clients with ease! 

Your Offer

Create an irresistible offer that positions you as the go-to-expert. An offer that clients want and sells itself! Including high ticket offers.

Social Media

Turn your social media into a lead generating machine, so you can stop the hustle for new clients. 


Transform your mindset, overcome your fear and step into your role as CEO of your business. Show up with authority and give prospects the confidence to buy from you! 


Learn how to generate leads, so you can quit the hussle and spend more time on non work stuff! 

Sales Process

Create a sales process that bespoke to your business and your ideal client, so you can make all the sales you want! 

Create Your Dream Life & Business! 

The Sales SuperHero 12 week programme will give you the knowledge and strategy to confidently

close more sales.


Make a massive impact in the world and the money that you really want!

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