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30 Days To Success

30 Days To Success is an online transformational Money Mindset programme. 

You will discover how to remove your money blocks and raise your self-worth so that you can be a visibility queen and earn the money you really deserve. 


A Confident New You

A Confident New You is an online group coaching and training programme for women who want to banish impostor syndrome and self-doubt, so you can feel more confident and transform into a visibility queen.  

There's a simple science in creating the confidence you need to create wealth and success and I'll walk you step by step all the tools you need. 

Learn to face your fears and kiss goodbye to those pesky mindset gremlins that keep you playing small. It's time to create extraordinary success and wealth, simply by changing the way you think.


Helen Walker Coaching
Helen Walker Coaching

M-Power Programme

My signature three month, 121 transformational coaching programme. For ambitious women in business who are sick and tired of getting left behind.

It's for women just like you, who want..

  • To banish impostor syndrome and self-doubt

  • The confidence to be visible and promote your business

  • Stop undercharging and overdelivering


*payment plan available 

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Helen Walker Coaching

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