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Helen Walker Coaching


Growing up, I was always the shy girl at school, too afraid to stick my hand in the air and answer questions I knew I had the answer to.

The threat of getting it wrong paralysed me. I desperately wanted to fit in and be one of the cool girls rather than the awkward, out of place girl I was.

I always had this ambition, a dream that one day I would escape and create something amazing, I just didn’t have a clue what that would be, how I would do it, or if this dream was even possible for little old me.

Helen Walker Coaching

I started to make change happen

I plucked up the courage and headed off to university, determined that this would be the start of my reinvention from quiet shy little mouse to outgoing, confident Helen. The journey of self-discovery would take me to work in Spain, Australia and later see a long term move to Dubai.

Hello bright lights and a big pay check

I began a lucrative career in sales in 2005. My heart wasn’t in it, but hey who cares when you’re paying off your student loan quicker than you can say Harvey Nic’s.

Something was missing.

I had no idea what. My bank balance was overflowing, but that fire in my belly just wasn’t there.

Cue; start questioning is this all there is to life?

Helen Walker Coaching
Helen Walker Coaching

Would my lack of confidence hold me back forever?

I needed to escape the world of hard-core sales, but the financial handcuffs kept me locked in for almost 15 years.

My own limiting thoughts lead me to believe that there was no way I could re-train and change careers without taking a massive pay cut.

I started to question if I had any transferable skills. Was I stuck in this life forever, without passion or purpose?

My confidence after years of school yard and workplace bullying was on the floor.  

Could I possibly be a budding entrepreneur?

In 2013 I decided to break free of the evil clutches of the corporate world and tough it out on my own.

My self-belief still on the floor made me conclude that sales was all I could do.

So continued in recruitment and set up my own agency.

Big mistake. I’d now created my own prison.

Locked in by those financial handcuffs but still void of any passion for my career.

Helen Walker Coaching
Helen Walker Coaching

It’s now or never, hello to this new world of coaching

In 2016 I did something I’d never done before… I invested in my own personal development and my happiness and hired my first coach.

My life literally changed overnight.

My confidence and self-belief went thought the roof.

For the first time in forever, I really believed that I had the skills to re-train and the following year I qualified as a coach and started working with my first client.

What are these gremlins?

I started to realise that all the self-doubt that I had suffered with over the years was actually a result of the out-of-date beliefs that I had repeatedly told myself since childhood.

Beliefs about my own self-worth, my ability to make a difference and what was possible for me.

With the help of my amazing coach, I finally saw first-hand the lies I told myself about what I was capable of achieving.

An old story that kept me playing small, overthinking and procrastinating my whole life, it was time for a new story.

Helen Walker Coaching
Helen Walker Coaching

Writing my new story changed my whole life, my happiness, my success and my bank balance.

I discovered the power of mindset work. And started rewiring these old, out of date beliefs stored in my subconscious using a scientifically proven step by step process thinking.

At last my new beliefs meant that I could finally see what was really possible for me.

It turned my whole life around. I transformed from struggling to thriving business owner.

I transformed from an over-thinker, serial procrastinator into an unstoppable action taker, where I believed anything was possible.

And indeed it was! 

I became so fascinated by the power of my mindset.

I retrained and became a mindset and confidence coach. I learnt everything I could from the very best about neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive thinking.

The more I learnt about mindset and the more I applied it to my own life, the more success I experienced. I started to live outside my comfort zone daily. I said yes to opportunities that I had no idea if I was ready for.

I stopped the overthinking; I learnt how to beat procrastination and take action even if I was terrified.

Helen Walker Coaching

Today I get to help other amazing women in business do the same

Eliminate those mindset gremlins that cause all of that self-doubt. I get to help other women live out their dreams, simply by helping them change the way they think and giving them back their confidence!

It’s the best job ever, because every woman in this world deserves to live out their dream, create a business they love and be financially free, without worry or stress. 

The question is, are you ready to take action and create an extraordinary life? 

Helen Walker Coaching

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