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I'm not your average Sales Coach! 

I've been in your shoes, so I totally understand how you feel! Frustrated that your business ain't growing as fast as you like! 

You're trying everything, but something's just not working, you're not attracting ideal clients and the money isn't rolling in. 

Passionate about making a difference for your clients, you're left feeling annoyed because you're not making the impact that you really want, and know you're capable of! 

You're beginning to lose hope that you can ever make your business the roaring success you so desperately want to create! 



I've worked in sales my entire career. This is me aged 22 working as a holiday rep in Spain. I had to jump through hoops to get this job. 

In my interview I was asked to sell a radio to a deaf person. I nailed it! 

I spent the whole summer selling trips on boats, to see castles and rowdy beer crawls! 

Every week, I out performed my target with ease! 

Helen Walker Coaching
Helen Walker Coaching

I'm not trying to be a Billy Big Balls Here!

My sales success continued in the corporate world.


After a shaky start, I was given world class sales training, soon I was consistently in the top 2% of sales performers globally! 


Quarter after quarter, I over achieved my sales targets, winning holidays and designer stuff. 

I made my company millions and each quarter took home eye watering bonuses. 

Now don't get me wrong, I ain't trying to show off when I tell you all this! 

Then I started my own business...

In 2013, I started my own business. I thought my knack for sales would continue. 


Yet when it came to selling myself, my own programmes and courses, well I felt like an amature who didn’t have a clue what she was doing.


I don’t mind admitting I was bloody terrified.

Suddenly I felt sleazy and desperate selling my programmes. 

I hardly made any sales. I felt frustrated and deflated. 

Had I lost my touch? 

Helen Walker Coaching

Selling your own stuff is hard!

This was my own business, I'd become both the brand and the product. 

Fear flooded my mind! 

What if I couldn't live up to the expectation I created? What if I wasn't a very good coach? 

What if people wanted their money back, what if I never made a sales. My mind raced with a bunch of what if's! 

What if I couldn't make my business a success? 

Helen Walker Coaching

Selling yourself requires a different skill set! 

There was no way in hell I was returning to the corporate world, so I had no choice!

I had to up my sales knowledge. I needed a different set of skills to promote and sell my own stuff.


That's how my Sales SuperHero programme was born! 


I knew I wasn't alone. I was sure other women, just like me, were out there struggling to attract clients and sell their stuff.  

Because if we don't have the skills to sell, then we really don't have a business at all! 

Wow! I just want to say the biggest thank you! After our session where I clarified my ideal client, I had someone reaching out to me for a discovery session...and she couldn't be more perfect. She signed up for my full VIP programme!

Dr Kate Couchman - Health & Wellness Coach

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I still didn’t feel confident enough to call myself an expert and get visible online and make sales.


I’ve gone from not wanting to post photos of myself on my social media to doing video stories, and I am even planning video Reels.


I am getting myself out there as a business owner and even though it’s still a bit scary at times, I know I can do it, thanks to Helen!

Helen Greenwood - Creative Content Coach

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