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I'm Helen Walker,

A Mindset and Confidence Coach

I know exactly what it takes to scale your business and it isn't another marketing or social media course!

You already have everything you need to create an extraordinary life and business. 

In a few short years I have transformed from serial procrastinator to unstoppable action taker. 

Success is 5% strategy and 95% mindset

I know that if you want to create a business you love, then you must do the mindset work, remove those money blocks and create more self-belief. 

If you're full of self-doubt, you will never create the kind of success you really want! 

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Does This Sound Like You?

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You're ambitious 

  • You've got places to go, significant amounts of money to make and you know that you can't do it with a mind full of doubt. 

  • You're sick of seeing everyone else create the success you know you're capable off

  • You're ready to make some pretty radical transformations in your business and start grabbing life by the short and curlies.

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You just need to feel confident

  • If only you could get out of your own way, face your fears and make it happen. 

  • You want to be able to sell with total confidence, without having that nagging voice in your head making you doubt yourself or making you feel that it’s somehow wrong to sell

  • You know that you need to be more visible, yet you just lack the confidence to shout hey look and me, look how I can transform your life.

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You want to be the bread winner!

  • You’re sick and tired of undercharging and over-delivering when it comes to your clients, your products and services.

  • You want financial freedom, heck if you’re honest you want to be the breadwinner.

  • You’re sick of playing small, you want to push outside your comfort zone and think big, but that pesky voice of self-doubt in your head just won’t let you!

  • If only you could remove those money blocks you have swirling around your mind. 

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Declare right now enough is enough! 

  • You’re declaring here and now that this is MY time! To shine, to grow, to build a wildly successful business, that affords you life’s luxuries.

  • You’re just feeling stuck.

  • If someone would just come along and help you kick start it all, you know that you would be able to scale your business to the next level. 


It's time to change all that, it's time to build unshakable confidence and remove those money mindset gremlins that keep you playing small. 

The M-Power Programme

What's Included?

Introducing The M-Power Programme. A life-changing 3 month one to one coaching and mentoring programme that will transform your confidence and self-belief so that you can finally start growing your business and create financial freedom.

Intensive 2 Hour

We kick off with an initial intensive 2 hour discovery session, using a mixture of cognitive psychology, mind management models, neuroscience and positive psychology.

I will help you uncover your faulty thinking and the mindset gremlins that hold you back from creating the success and financial freedom you deserve.

Tailored Coaching

The M-Power programme is bespoke to you. During each session, we will uncover those mindset gremlins that hold you back and cause the self-doubt and self sabotage.

We will meet via Zoom each week (12 sessions in total)  and you will see powerful transformations taking place in both your life and your business at each stage as you continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Ongoing Support

Inevitably, you will experience wobbles along the way. Each new level of growth in your business causes your impostor syndrome to shout out, causing you to doubt yourself.

In Between our weekly sessions, you can contact me via email or text so you can get unstuck and keep moving forward.


No longer feel held back by those negative mindset gremlins that stop you, it's time to stop overthinking and start taking action, feel your most confident self and live stress and worry free, authentically you.

Imagine how much easier building a business will feel without all of that self-doubt. 

3 Blue Light Calls

3 blue light emergency calls for when inevitably you have a wobble, a confidence knock or your self-belief takes a nosedive.

These are additional 30-minute calls when you just need to reach out and speak to someone who can help keep moving forward in your business. 

Action Plan

After each session, I will ask you to commit to an action plan, because after all it’s my job to get you to where you need to be.

I will keep you accountable, moving forward in your business to ensure you take consistent action. Meaning you will achieve your goals way quicker than you would trying to battle your way through this on your own.



This is exactly what I needed. I had a real issue with selling and promoting my business and it was holding me back big time. I felt awkward and shy when it came to selling. Using Helen's amazing framework I've now been able to transform my view of selling. Some serious lightbulb moments for me.

Claire Jones


When you step out of your comfort zone, it may feel uncomfortable to begin with, however it is most definitely where the magic begins! After only a couple of sessions where I really belong and what my real passion is and I am sooooo excited! There is still so much work to do, but I am on this journey now, it's going to take effort, it's going to definitely have its challenges...

Kathryn Simpson

Holding you accountable

Every step of the way. There's no hiding or shying away from the hard stuff. It's my job to help you create the success and financial freedom you deserve! 


Mindset Is Everything

It's my job to show you exactly how you're holding yourself and your success back by the beliefs you hold. We will challenge those beliefs and learn techniques backed in science to transform and build an unshakeable mindset.

Transformations You Can Expect

  • Say hello to success you never thought possible. You’re going to transform from doing ok, to thriving and unstoppable. You’ll wonder who this new, action taking women is!

  • At last financial freedom. Your goal might be to create your first paying client, it might be to start earning consistent £10k months or more. Whatever your goal is, be prepared to hit it quickly, because once you remove those mindset gremlins, there really is no stopping you.

  • You will have the confidence to shout about your brand to your ideal client all day long. That might mean speaking on a stage Infront of thousands, that might mean showing up online daily, doing live video or positioning yourself as the go to expert. Whatever your goal, it’s going to become a daily reality.

  • No more overdelivering and under-charging. It’s time to sell your products and services for what they’re worth!

  • Your new confidence and financial freedom will mean that you can finally get off the hamster wheel and actually start living. There’s no more overthinking and procrastination taking up valuable time. You’re free to focus on business growth, delivering amazing value to your clients and having the time to do what you love the most.

  • Goodbye self-sabotage, endless worry and doubt and hello a life of easy, financial reward and total fulfilment, doing what you love day in and day out!

"I've more than doubled my income from working with Helen, and even finally ended up working with my ultimate dream client, which was amazing"

Caroline Brock


The M-Power Programme is a transformational coaching programme for ambitious, high achieving female entrepreneurs who want to feel empowered to grow their business and achieve financial freedom. 

I only work with 5 one-to-one clients at any one time.

Apply to find out current availability. 

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Pay in Full 


Pay Monthly 

3 x £1k

(£3k in total) 



You're expecting an overnight miracle!

The techniques you will learn are easy and simple to use, but it does require you to do the actual work consistently.

BUT, if you're ready to live life to the full, be happier and create a thriving,  successful business, then this is just what you need!


I've worked with hundreds of women just like you who at first, felt helpless and stuck in a business that wasn't making money or giving them the freedom they craved. 

They believed that growing their confidence and self-belief was impossible. I'm going to teach you one of the most incredible powerful mindset tools there is!

The same tools that I used to not only transform my own confidence and transform my business success, but the confidence and success of hundreds of other female entrepreneurs. 

If you're determined and committed to showing up and doing the work, then yes, total success and financial freedom is possible for you!