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Be More Visible  Make More Sales...

It really is that simple!

Business doesn’t have to be complicated! Show up, talk about your offers and make compelling offers to your ideal clients.

That requires you to face your fears and step way out of your comfort zone!


Struggling to make sales as a Solopreneur! You know you need to show up and be more visible, but you feel terrified of even showing your face on camera. 


Not really sure how to show up online, you’ve no idea what to talk about and you struggle to get your personality and the real you across to your audience! 


Feeling too salesy! If talking about your offers feels desperate and pushy is causing you to hide away, then this masterclass will show you how to be visible in a way that works for you!


Paralysed to take action and show your face on camera. You worry that you;ll come across as a novice, get stuff wrong or fluff your words. Worried you’ll ramble on and that your clients will run in the opposite direction! 

This Masterclass is for you if you're...


By the end of this Masterclass you will be able to...

Be Visible & Sell

  • Show up and be visible in a way that’s aligned to your unique personality

  • Create genuine connections with your audience.

  • Creating  that all important Know, Like and Trust factor.

Visibility Strategy

  • Develop a visibility strategy that works for you, that you can implement consistently without it taking up too much of your day

  • So you can focus on building your business and doing the things you love outside of work.

Goodbye Fear

  • Overcome your fear of being visible, so that you can confidently show up.

  • Proudly promote your programmes, 121 sessions, courses and offers.

  • Be seen as the go-to-expert in your industry. 

  • Increase your sales


  • Feel confident showing up, delivering your message and shouting about the value that you deliver.

  • You’ll know for sure that you’re growing your audience and your business.

Make More Money!

  • Remove all the procrastination, worry, fear and stress when it comes to being visible.

  • Quickly get your message across, develop deep relationships with your audience.

  • Make a massive impact and make more sales.

Sell With Ease! 

  • Being visible means you can use these opportunities to connect at a deeper level with your audience.

  • Allowing you to nurture your ideal clients into paying ones.

  • So you can make a big impact and make a real difference!

All this for £47!

Be Visible - The Masterclass is a 90 minute programme delivered via Zoom. 

The group will consist of a small number of fellow Solopreneurs! 

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